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The figures presented in the statements of financial position as at 30 September incorporate the carved-out assets amounting to MUR 24 billion of CBLR. The statements of profit or loss for the period takes into account the impact of the carved out operations of the former CBLR from 18 August to 30 September The Group, for the nine months ended 30 September , reported a net profit after tax of MUR 1, million as compared to MUR 1, million for the same period last year.

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This is mainly due to an increase in credit loss expense on financial assets by MUR 1, million for this period. The increase in impairment is on account of a segment B customer in SBM Bank Mauritius Ltd for which a provision of MUR million had been made on the full outstanding amount in June in additions to provisions made on overseas operations and IFRS 9 implementation.

Non-interest income has also increased by MUR 1, million for the same period, which includes a gain of MUR 1, million on the fair value of all the assets and liabilities taken over. Non-interest expenses have increased from MUR 2, million for the nine months ended 30 September to MUR 3, million for the nine months ended 30 September It is also worth highlighting that the expenses for the acquisition of Ex-Fidelity Commercial Bank Ltd has a full nine months impact for 30 September while for last year it was only for the period of 10 May to 30 September The cost to income ratio was Gross impaired advances stood at MUR 8, million with a gross impaired ratio of 7.

The increase in capital base was due to the profit for the period and the Tier II bond raising made in June , partly offset by the adoption of IFRS 9 and payment of dividends during the period. The Tier 1 capital and common equity Tier 1 capital ratios decreased marginally to Outlook Further to the takeover of selected assets and liabilities of CBLR we are seeing positive signs in Kenya in terms of customer acceptance and business opportunities, and we are confident of building a solid franchise in this market.

The conversion of our Indian branches into a wholly owned subsidiary is planned for completion on 01st December as approved by the Reserve Bank of India. This will provide a solid footing for disciplined growth in India. We expect these developments to lead to significant synergies and cross selling along the South Asia - Mauritius - East Africa Corridor.

In addition, the Group is pleased with the progress made in respect of measures taken to reinforce controls and improve our risk management. We will maintain focus on this area as we continue to strengthen and diversify our business. We wish to thank all stakeholders for their continued support. Rs milliards.

Pour sa part, M. Proze Colour for Change dan nou site, pou kontribiye a enn konsolidasion sa priz de konsians-la. Avek kom obzektif enn ameliorasion so zimaz fisik ek sosial.

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Elle comprend 47 Etats-membres, et deux pays observateurs. The annual awards, which recognise banks for their performance and quality of service, are among the most prestigious in the financial services industry. In a recent Strategy Update, Group Chief Executive John Flint identified it as an area where the bank plans to gain further market share.

We continue to invest to improve the services we offer. This includes enhancing our specialist product expertise and developing technology that makes it easier for clients to do business, such as the HSBCnet mobile app and the most recent face ID recognition mobile App which is unique to HSBC. The National Airline of Mauritius has been recognized as leading Indian Ocean Airline for 13 times in the last 16 years. Air Mauritius won Awards in the following categories in this edition: 1.

I dedicate these distinctions to the hardworking people of Air Mauritius. Since last year, we have invested significantly in upgrading of our products, namely with the launch of the fleet modernisation programme consisting of an order for eight new aircraft. Our new aircraft cabins are world class and have received a fantastic welcome from our customers. We have also embarked on a program to revamp our products and services using our shared Mauritian DNA to differentiate our offering.

La production provisoire de t de sucre est maintenue pour la coupe Further to yesterday's press release and cautionary announcement with regards to a cyber fraud on the India operations of SBM Bank Mauritius Ltd, SBM wishes to inform the public that as a result of its recovery efforts, the maximum loss has been reduced to USD 4Mn. Recovery efforts will continue and the public shall be kept updated. There were further cyber attempts on SBM India operations last night but they were unsuccessful due to the preventative measures that had been put in place. SBM will continue to reinforce its cybersecurity to ensure effective resilience of its systems to such attacks, which are unfortunately increasing in the banking industry globally and which often result in significant losses.

Inspired by reforms undertaken by various countries like Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Malaysia, the LRC has come up with proposals to strengthen the Mauritian legislation in relation to the said harmful practices on social media. For instance, in cases of identity theft, fake profiles, stalking and grooming, the LRC proposes the introduction of new legislative provisions to combat these new types of offences.

Amendments to existing legislations have also been suggested to curb online harassment more effectively. The LRC has reviewed the mechanisms by which land disputes are dealt with under our law, as well as in several other jurisdictions.

Founded by Fred Swaniker, it opened its doors to students in Today the institution counts over students from over 35 countries across Africa. The ALU Method The African Leadership University aims to transform Africa by identifying, developing and connecting three million game-changing African leaders by , by providing a holistic experience going well beyond the purely academic. Based on real-world research with about employers, skills such as critical thinking, analytical reasoning, leadership and management form an integral part of the learning at ALU.

Furthermore, emphasis is laid on individual needs, peer learning and the real-life application of what is learnt. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure which blends with the lush environment around, it serves as the perfect setting for the ALU learning method. The campus is also a fully residential campus, with fully-equipped dorms overlooking sugarcane fields, not too far from beautiful beaches. Being a student at ALC is anything but boring! In the idyllic Mauritian landscape, students from various cultural backgrounds come together to share not only intellectual and academic, but also cultural ideas.

With events such as the Robotics Bootcamp and the Arts Festival, students are put in charge of management and are encouraged in developing their non-academic skills. Artists have the chance to create, discuss, share, showcase and even sell their creations. Great emphasis is laid on the diversity and acceptance of different cultural roots and values, all in one of the safest environments in Africa.

During the application process, several webinars are offered to help applicants answer critical questions and to provide them with support on various aspects such as essay writing.

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A residential Leadership Bootcamp is also scheduled in December It is easily accessible from the capital and from the northern business and residential areas. It is composed of different projects including an Education Hub with African Leadership College and Greencoast International School, the Beau Plan Business Park, a Creative Park with studios and workshops of famous artists such as Patrick Mavros, residential areas ranging from villas to affordable housing, sports center and leisure spaces.

The ambitious project aims at turning Beau Plan into a socially and environmentally integrated city, where human activities and lush natural beauty coexist, with the possibility of sustainable expansion. While still in its first stage, it reiterates the will of Novaterra to make of the Smart City an exemplary education hub on the local scene. This is also in line with the vision of making Mauritius one of the best places for higher education in the African region.

Thus, through this strategic partnership with ALC, Novaterra is creating a bridge between Mauritius and the rest of the African countries, rooted not only in educational, but also cultural exchange. Furthermore, work has already started on the Greencoast International School, which is expected to bring contemporary and innovative method to pre-primary and primary education in Mauritius.

This adds to the educational value of the Beau Plan Smart City, while also adding up with the vision of sustainable development of Novaterra.

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What comes next? The Smart City is still at its infant stage, with part of the construction already in the pipes, while designs are still being improved on other parts. Kris Lutchmenarraidoo.

Jean Pierre Sauzier. SBM Kenya now has a network of 59 branches across Kenya andwill be offering a full range of banking products and services as from Monday 20 August The Group Chairman, Mr. We look forward to welcoming our clients and providing them with competitive banking services and non-banking financial products and services as well. This transaction marks a significant step for the SBM Group, both in its international expansion strategy and its stabilization and integration process on the Kenyan market.

The transaction will have a positive impact on the Kenyan financial sector. Customers will have access to new and innovative banking services offered by SBM Bank Kenya Ltd and on a broader basis will benefit from cross-selling opportunities provided by the different clusters of SBM Group. In addition, customers will also have the option of moving available funds to either savings accounts or fixed deposits. SBM Bank Kenya Ltd will offer attractive negotiated deposit rates for clients wishing to hold their funds in fixed deposits.

The existing relationship touchpoints in the bank will be retained and we will continue to be a strong relationship bank. Borrowers will have access to full banking operations on their accounts with SBM Kenya. The normal operations on the transferred loan accounts will resume and they will be informed accordingly. Borrowers will also have access to a full product suite of credit facilities, trade finance lines and non-credit services.

SBM Kenyahas taken on the vast majority of employees ensuring continuity of employment. They will have full access to staff benefits and have wider internal mobility given the wider branch network and the expanded SBM Kenya business and operations structure. This successful transaction of SBM Group delivers a first of its kind landmark deal that will stand as a reference for future resolutions in Kenya.

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SBM Kenya moves up from a tier 3 bank to a top tier 2 bank with a significant asset base. The Group will now be able to offer its clients multi-jurisdiction banking as well as Non-Banking Financial relationships spanning India, Madagascar, Mauritius, Kenya, with Seychelles launching in the near future. SBM Kenya looks forward to building strong and trusted relationships with other banking and non-banking financial institutions in Kenya. The Board of Directors of SBM Bank Mauritius Ltd the Bank wishes to inform all its stakeholders and the public in general that further to the internal enquiry initiated by the Bank, the Board of Directors of the Bank at its meeting held on 16 August , has accepted the resignation of its Chief Executive, Mr.

Raj Dussoye. SBM Holdings Ltd is pleased to announce its interim unaudited condensed financial report for the 6 months ended 30 June We are growing regionally in Kenya whereby we will complete the acquisition of Chase bank on 18th August taking over 60 branches and a majority of employees around We are well capitalised and have sufficient liquidity to finance our expansion plans. However, due to a one-off credit loss expense of MUR million, profit after tax for the semester ended 30 June was down to MUR million.

We expect to rebound from this situation. In line with our expansion strategy, we are constantly evaluating our risk framework to make sure it remains robust end to end. We remain committed to serving our clients and safeguarding the interests of our shareholders and other stakeholders by continuing to build our business in a disciplined manner and positioning SBM as a Group with a strong regional footprint. We are on track to execute our strategy at the local and regional levels. However, due to a one-off credit loss expense during the period under review, profit after tax for the six months ended 30 June declined to MUR million.

This is on account of a suspected fraud relating to a segment B customer in SBM Bank Mauritius Ltd for which the Group prudently took a credit loss charge of MUR million on the full outstanding amount. In addition, provisions were taken on overseas operations and IFRS 9 implementation.

Interest expense increased by only MUR million mainly on account of growth in low cost deposits. The increase in the loan book also contributed to additional net fee and commission income of MUR million during the period under review. Non-interest expense increased from MUR 1, million for the six months ended 30 June to MUR 1, million for the six months ended 30 June which includes project related costs and SBM Kenya costs of operations for the full six months as opposed to only six weeks for the same period last year.

This increase of MUR 12 billion is mainly explained by a growth in investment securities of nearly MUR 10 billion and a rise in net loans and advances. Furthermore, deposits from non-bank customers went up by MUR 7 billion mainly in low-cost foreign currency deposits. Gross impaired advances stood at MUR 6, million as at 30 June while the net impaired ratio stood at 2. Moving forward As a country, Mauritius is well positioned to channel investments between Asia and Africa, building on its strong and stable financial center and backed by robust cultural and business ties with India and China as well as its growing prominence within the African continent.

As one of the leading financial groups in Mauritius, SBM is playing a key role in this endeavour and continues to make strides in its ambition of acting as a financial bridge between Asia and Africa.