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Researchers' compute requirements vary widely over time and formerly required either buying and maintaining compute resources with most of it idle, most of the time , or reserving time and a fixed amount of compute resources on institutional clusters. The cloud provides another option for this situation that can be cost-effective and efficient.

Cloud infrastructures are elastic and dynamic. You only allocate resource when you need them, and you are able to dynamically scale up and down your allocated resources as your needs change over time.

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Furthermore, compute clouds are maintained by outside providers - you don't need to install your own hardware, or need to have access to a research compute cluster at your institution. Cloud infrastructures are just one of the many ways that Galaxy is available.

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CloudMan is a software package that abstracts the interface to cloud infrastructure, allowing users to take advantage of the power of cloud infrastructure without having to learn much of the underlying details of any particular infrastructure. CloudMan supports elastic, dynamic resource scaling and works with Galaxy out of the box. Cloudman can launch a customized Galaxy instance using the simple launch page.

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It is also integrated with CloudBioLinux. The open-sourcing of the Titan chip is an effort by Google and its partners to expand transparency and trust at the lowest levels of the machines running in data centers. As one more line of defense against espionage in locations like chip fabrication plants, OpenTitan also boasts a self-test to check for tampering in the memory every time the chip boots. The lowest level is the silicon hardware that runs the first code when the power turns on.

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The machine boots, and each component runs a shockingly large amount of code in those very first moments. This code has historically been difficult to know much about, never mind fully understand or effectively secure.

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  4. As soon as the power turns on, hackers can gain an advantage..
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  6. Before security software is ever operational, code like the firmware is already active and controlling the boot process. That makes firmware and other low-level targets extraordinarily tempting for hackers.

    Carriers Look to Send 5G Data to the Cloud - WSJ

    The risk of supply chain attacks to spy on hardware at a low level is very real, and such an attack is shockingly affordable. OpenTitan is not a silver bullet, but it does make it more difficult for an attacker to gain persistence without setting off alarms. Most of these things are, as you can imagine, quite covert.