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Getting kids to eat healthy doesn't have to be like pulling teeth

Months before their first child was born, they began to delve more deeply into infant and maternal nutrition and kids healthy eating. Health and wellness were priorities for their family, and they wanted to give their children the healthiest start possible. When their daughter started Kindergarten and was bombarded with junk food on a daily basis, they decided to do something about it.

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After doing a review of the literature, they set out to create new books that would not only entertain kids but motivate them to eat more fruits and veggies. Fuhrman, that explains many of the nutritional concepts alluded to in the book. Fuhrman is a board-certified family physician, author, and nutritional researcher who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods.

However, they also knew that kids desperately needed a cool hero who espouses a healthy lifestyle for them to emulate. The Secret Life of Mitch Spinach is a new kids books series that has the power to significantly change the way that children eat because it actually prompts children to ask for healthy food without preaching to them about the benefits of a healthy diet. Good health begins in childhood, and scientific evidence suggests that the food children eat in the first ten years of their lives can have a critical and profound effect on their life-long health.

The authors also created the The Mitch Spinach website — www.

It offers creative, multidisciplinary lesson plans and outlines the importance of sound nutrition. Kids can print educational games, such as crossword puzzles and word searches that pertain to the healthy foods used in the books to reinforce what they have learned. What else can you do when your child refuses to eat anything green and seems to subsist on chicken-fingers and French fries alone?

The more you involve your kids in the preparation and selection of meals and snacks, the more willing they are to try healthy foods. That is, until his friends—Fern the girl, Templeton the rat, and Charlotte the spider—decide to help him. Vegan Publishers. Children and adults alike can learn compassion and courage from elephants.

This is a true story of how elephants in captivity suffer. Like so many other stray cats, Fiona faces the dangers of life outdoors on her own: speeding cars, sickness, hunger, and the cold. Will she beat the odds and find a better life for herself and her babies? Cats deserve our love and care—and they have so much of both to give back.

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This book will help readers understand why cats belong indoors and should never be forced to live a dangerous, lonely life outside. Katy, a girl who loves seeing elephants in the circus, gets to meet an elephant named Rayna after a circus show one day. She then makes it her mission to spread the word about the unhappy animal.

With the help of a large community, Katy is able to set Rayna free. Kids can have fun finding them hidden in the pages that follow. Gwen has spent her whole life stuck in a cage, unable to do anything a hen likes to do, just so that humans can use her for her eggs. But when a tornado turns her world upside down, she and her new friend, Mateo, are both able to do all the fun things they want. One cat is happy, with a loving human and a safe home.

Follow their journeys and find out how their paths cross. This book discusses how some cats suffer—and how to make sure kitty companions are happy and healthy. They have a lot of land with many different farmed animals. A young hen and her slightly older, wiser friend look for the perfect home. Hobbes Goes Home is the heartwarming true story of a little brown dachshund whose mother takes him to the local animal shelter to save him from unkind people. Hope, a young piglet born on a factory farm, is injured and left to die—until some kind folks come to her rescue.

This story is about a little fox who goes to town to tell children her story about the way foxes—like her and her family—are hunted for their fur.

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She is met with love and affection, and the children promise to protect her as well as other animals like minks and rabbits by never wearing fur. Find out how to make healthy treats, snacks, and drinks in this book of magical recipes. Everyone passes by an injured pigeon lying on the ground—except Will. He takes the bird home so that he and his mom can nurse him back to health and get him flying again. Hubert goes on a mission to save his fellow pudges and teach a farmer a lesson in compassion. Instead, he takes care of injured ducks.

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When the hunter learns what his pup is doing, he realizes that hunting is wrong. Meet Elizabeth, a compassionate, caring, kind, and brave supervegan. In this story, we learn that sometimes, like Elizabeth, we might be unsure of ourselves, but with the help of our family and friends, we can understand just how awesome we truly are and how super we are to animals by being vegan.

Libby, a turkey who is to be killed for a holiday celebration, finds her way to a sanctuary. Read about the sweetest bug hug, the cutest fox cuddle, and the gentlest elephant embrace you could ever imagine. Learn about showing animals especially dogs love, compassion, and kindness. And read about the real-life problems a boy and his newly adopted puppy have—until they work them out together.

Learn about the not-so-lucky lives of unwanted dogs and discover ways to help dogs, such as by adopting them instead of buying them and by keeping them inside never chained up. The Gregg family loves to hunt, but the little girl who lives next door thinks hunting is horrible. After she pleads with the Greggs to stop but they refuse, the angry girl uses her magic finger to turn them into birds. Then, at an adoption event, he meets the new best friend of his dreams: a little girl named Scarlett. Mitch Spinach receives a message: Help the principal find the missing key to the trophy case.

Using his great sense of smell and vegan brainpower, Mitch solves the mystery of the lost key. Mitch Spinach gets a message from his sister, Molly: Someone broke into their awesome tree house. Discover all the healthy nutrients we can get by eating fruits, veggies, nuts, grains, herbs, and more!

Eat Your Veggies or Else!

This rhyming alphabet book definitely has the power to persuade folks to go vegan. Despite being treated with kindness in her homeland of India, a cow longs to explore the world, so she packs her bags and sails to Europe. The animals of Farm Sanctuary write poems and rhymes about being rescued from factory farms and given a second chance at life. Through its informative text and beautiful illustrations, this book shows how everyone can eat vegan.

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  5. Kids of all ages will enjoy the story of Raju, the elephant who cried tears of joy as he was freed from a lifetime of captivity and hardship. This book shows what some elephants are forced to endure so that humans can use them for entertainment. This is the story of an abandoned dog who must run away from coyotes but who finally finds a loving home.

    During the holiday season, read a story of love, peace, and compassion. It shows that Santa is kind to all animals as well as to all humans.