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Neils , J. Stewart does not mention the Aspis. His proposal would be easier with an early dating of Stesichorus, but this is problematic: cf. For authorities supporting a date of c.

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Stewart, art. Davison , J. Simonides , PMG Homer , Is. RE xv. Megakleides, where Hyp. Schoemann Additional evidence for the northern Greek provenience of Cyrene, a minor deity even before she became a colony, is that a Cyrene was the mother of Thracian Diomedes by Ares [Apollod. Lest I be thought to be relying too much on this author's conclusions, see the review of Fowler , R. Janko 76, Another linguistic feature, found only here in the extant epos, is the use of non-Attic-Ionic forms of the nom.

This is not an accident due to a Renaissance editor, but represents the paradosis, as checking of Paris MSS gr. Jeffery 74f.

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Pagasai followed by Andersen This is supposed to have happened when the lords of Pherae brought the shrine into prominence and close contact with Delphi after their victorious participation in the First Sacred War: cf. Farnell , L. If Thebes was on the side of Crisa in the First Sacred War, we might expect the Theban to favour the anti-Alcmeonid faction of Pisistratus in his bid for power. Though shadowy, the picture is at least coherent. Guillon's theory is taken seriously by Chamoux , F. The key evidence is surely the end of the Hymn to Pythian Apollo , which has yet to be satisfactorily explained by other means.

Forrest , , BCH 80 , 33 — 52 ; Jeffery 73ff. Janko , with nn. In fact the main story in the first half of the Hymn evinces hostility towards Boeotia: see below on Apollo's conduct towards Telphousa, consort of Poseidon Hippios.

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Defradas , J. Williams , D. Lissarrague , F. Rouen , , f. It may have been used variously at different times; these suggestions are not mutually exclusive. This is rebutted by Ducat, art. Jeffery 76, and Buck , R. But in the latter passage Plutarch has a real axe to grind, and therefore indulges in rhetorical exaggeration; in the other he mentions the battle only in passing. The unreliability of the de Herodoti malignitate is only too well established. Guillon 69 n. Jeffery 74 ascribes the poem to a Boeotian summer festival, Guillon to one at Pagasae.

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Nilsson , M. Nilsson loc. A guess as to the poem's exact occasion occurs to me, which is so hypothetical that I hesitate to record it, though I suspect it is at least partly correct: that the Heracleia were instituted to celebrate the victory of Ceressus, and that the Aspis was composed for the inauguration, to which unusual circumstance we owe its preservation. Paley ad loc. The poet's apologetic aims have taken precedence over any desire for consistency here.

Wilamowitz , , Der Glaube der Hellenen , i. Russo 30f.

Q on V on Od. Antaios, sees a further parallel in the story that Antaeus' grave was destroyed, like Cycnus', by flood-waters, but relies on a misreading of Pomponius Mela 3. Magrath , W.


Lascaris , J. Rome , , reprinted by F. Asulanus, Venice , ; Gen, from Nicole , J.

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But van der Valk is surely right to reject the entire clause as a clarificatory supplement by D: cf. Hamburg col. So too Severyns f. Brillante , C. Padua , , 29 n. The scholium was originally impugned by Schwartz , E. De Scholiis homericis ad Historiam Fabularem pertinentibus, Jahrb. He is followed by Panzer , J. Greifswald , , 47 f. Wilamowitz i. Thus the subscriptions are not a later addition, as has been held.

Montanari , F. Hamburg above n. On the reliability of the subscriptions, cf. Hamburg , , unpublished ; van der Valk , , Researches ff. For earlier scepticism see the works cited in n. The problem is too complex to be dealt with fully here. He rejects He assumes that the chariot-race in the schol. Cycnus is linked with Pelias by marriage at Nic.

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FGH 90 F 54; in Apollod. On the Chest of Cypselus, Heracles was judge of the games, and lolaus victor with the chariot, while the daughters of Pelias looked on Paus. Scherling ; Malten , , Kyrene Athena Onca of Thebes , Heracles and Adrastus: cf.

This is echoed by van der Valk , Researches n. Burkert, assigning the Boeotian variant to the Thebaid , implies that it appeared before the Arcadian Structure and History in Greek Mythology and Ritual Kroll ; van der Valk, Ibid. Mythologie Leipzig , — , i. The horse's name may be a patronymic of Ares, but appears as Erion on coins of Thelpusa in Arcadia cf. Erichthonius, owner of magical horses? A shrine of the Praxidikai evidently the Erinyes under another name , near Mount Tilphusius at Haliartus, was still there in Pausanias' time 9.

A new identification of the spring is proposed by Fontenrose TAPA [ ], —31 ; a chapel of St Nicolas, usual successor-saint to Poseidon, now occupies the site Ibid. Fontenrose 30, and above n. Robert , C. The Peloponnesian equivalent is the labour of the Stymphalian birds. It is surely no coincidence that Ceyx is also a bird Wilamowitz, loc. Bolton , J.